Reasons Why You Should Purchase the Datsun Redi Go

Finally, a few months from now, the Datsun Redi GO is going to hit the market. The wait would be over since the model is going to be launched in June. While the car might look simple from the exteriors, it actually comes loaded with many features you had never imagined.

Appealing Exteriors

At first sight, the appearance may appeal you even though there are little cosmetic changes. Apart from color options, you would be amazed to view wheel caps and body fitments. The rear parking sensors would help you park the model safely even when it’s the area is crowded. While that’s the case, the futuristically designed head lamps offer ample light. You can stay carefree when it’s pitch dark and when you have to drive all throughout the night. Accidental bumps could never be part of your worries. Dealing with obstacles or inspecting the chassis becomes simpler with the ground clearance of 185mm.

Fabulous Interiors

The excitement with the Datsun Redi Go starts when you’re ready for the long drive. The interiors provide enough room to stash away anything you wish. The space can be extended by folding the rear seats easily. Silver accents add on to the sophistication and always lift your spirits day after day. A whole new driving experience is what you can expect with the Datsun Redi Go. The driver’s seat is engineered to provide extra comfort and relieve the pain during long distance trips. While lumbar supports reduce the strain, the back is supported by seat bolsters. Overall, even when it’s a rough road all the way, the model helps to maintain the condition of your neck and back. Finally, the fabric exudes a vibrant look and lets you feel the comfort with a zig zag design.

High Performance

With I-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) as one of the Datsun Go specifications, your driving experience is sure to jump to the next level. Depending on the power and fuel quality, the engine adjusts the spark timing. So, even when you are driving at high speeds, you would observe a smooth performance on the go. There won’t be any knocks or squeaks till you have reached the destination. The 799 cc engine generates enormous power to drive the vehicle. Not just that, on road you can expect a mileage of 25.17 kmpl.

Safe to drive

Finally, the RCPS (Reinforced Crash Protection Shell) safeguards everyone even when you have crossed a speed break unknowingly. Since the impact is absorbed, passengers can still stay comfortable with nothing serious ahead. The PAB (Performance Augmented Brakes) respond quickly once the brake pedal is pressed. The airbag would keep the driver safe when inertia is bound to bang the head on the wheel. The 5-speed gear box too gives you the confidence to control the vehicle the way you want. You can gear up only when the situation demands.

At the end, you should rely on Datsun that expected to lead many other models in the competition. But, with the engine options and lot many others things, you would see an increase in the Datsun Redi Go ex showroom price. The model is sure to be a visual delight for everyone who loves driving.

The New Nissan NV200 – Reviewed

The 2017 Nissan NV200 is a quick, reliable and lively vehicle. It is compact and fast – making it easy to operate in tight spaces and city streets, whilst still having ample cargo space. The 2017 NV200 is an excellent middle ground from the often too large vans or pick-ups. Additionally, the NV200 is fuel-efficient, compact and reasonably priced.

The Nissan NV200 is built with some of Nissan’s best compact car concepts. This means it has great manoeuvrability, easy handling and a tight turning diameter, as well as well-designed, compact dimensions – which permits parking in smaller spaces. Some appreciated features of the NV200 include a spacious 3474.4771-liter cargo-hold, full-cover rims, chrome grille, colour mirrors and bumper and a range of great additional features to suit the needs of small-business owners. The dual-sliding side doors provide access to the cargo space from both sides. The rear doors are French-style and are designed to facilitate easy loading and off-loading. The NV200 reportedly has a payload of almost 700kg.

The 2017 NV200 has six airbags – anterior, side and curtain, four-wheel anti-lock brakes and stability control.

Driving the NV200 is much the same overall experience as with driving a regular car, except you have a large cargo box too. A few appreciated skills of the NV200 include the accurate, yet easy steering and the excellent suspension, which eliminates the usual discord experienced with other truck-like labour vans when driving over bumps and uneven roads. The interior is practical, functional and tough, whereas the exterior boasts a compact footprint and is actually smaller than various SUV crossovers. Under the hood – the NV200’s engine kicks up 188 Nm of torque and delivers smooth and easy acceleration.

Alternative features and variations:

The 2017 Nissan NV200 is available in either the S or the SV trims.

The S-trim includes such features as:

· 15-inch steel wheels

· 40/60-split rear cargo doors (with 180-degree access space)

· upholstery from cloth, with vinyl wear patches

· 20 cargo mounting sections inside the vehicle

· Hill Start Assist

· adjustable lumbar support in the driver’s seat

· power windows and door locks

· centre console with 12V power point

· trip computer

· 6 exterior roof-rack mounting areas

· Audio system with CD and auxiliary input and 2 speakers

· passenger seat with seatback fold-away tray table

· Nissan’s mobile-office centre console – which includes storage for laptop and hanging files

· stationary tray, double cup holders and CD holder

The SV-trim includes the following features:

· cruise control

· heated mirrors and extra 12V power point

· multiple floor-mounted D-rings in cargo space

· automatic locks and keyless access

Optional extras that can be added to either NV200 version are:

· rearview camera

· satellite radio and audio streaming with Bluetooth

· NissanConnect (includes a 5.8″ touchscreen display; voice-command option, navigation programme, hands-free email/ messaging assistance and Pandora Internet Radio ability)

· glass windows for side and back windows

· cruise control

· Sonar parking assist at the rear

Additionally – the Sliding Door Glass variation includes a glass sliding door – with wire mesh – on the passenger side, rear door wire mesh that can slide, interior rearview mirror and a rear window defroster.

No matter which model of the Nissan NV200 you choose, you can rest assured that you are picking a winner!

Toyota Yaris 2020 Model – JDM

Yaris 2020 What’s New!

For the first time Toyota Japan will launch “Yaris” this Feb 10,2020. Since last 120 years Yaris has been most favorite second car. Obviously Toyota is introducing “Toyota Safety Sense” features which support the driver and passenger safety and obviously reduces risks of accidents

Advanced parking assistance system

makes parking more smooth.

The camera and sonar control the steering, accelerator, and brake operations, assisting the parking operation until parking is completed while monitoring the surroundings. For the first time this will make your car compatible with spaces with memory function and no demarcation lines.

Toyota Yaris 2020

Yaris 2020

Pre-crash safety (collision avoidance support type with pedestrian [day and night] / bicycle driver [day] detection function / millimeter wave radar + monocular camera method)

Newly supports detection at intersections, supporting no collision.

Radar and camera detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. When there is a danger of collision, an alarm is issued to support the avoidance operation. In addition, it is also compatible with new vehicles and pedestrians crossing the intersection.

Lane tracing assist [LTA]

Supports steering operation as if driving in the center of the lane.

When the white line (yellow line) is difficult to see or cannot be seen, it follows the preceding vehicle and supports steering operation. It is safe not only for white lines but also when it is likely to run off the boundaries of asphalt and curbstones.

TNGA compact package

The concept is “light, small and easy to handle”. The first TNGA platform in a compact car. Thoroughly removed waste, condensed into a compact body with ease of driving, excellent handling stability, high fuel efficiency, and dynamic styling.

Watch your car even when you are away

Even if you are away from your car, you will be notified immediately if there is any trouble. This is a safe service that allows you to watch the car even when you are far away, such as door locks and parking position confirmation.


1.0L Gasoline CVT – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 20.2 km/l

Hybrid 1.5L Gasoline + Motor – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 35.4 km/l

1.5L Gasoline 6MT – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 21.6 km/l

1.5L Gasoline CVT – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 21.4 km/l

Yaris 2020

Toyota Yaris Japan

Those Designs that Captivate

The Japanese car market is overflowing with distinct new designs with AI just around the corner. These designs and features that captivate ones brain showing the wider audience why Japanese are called the innovators and world leaders of automotive industry. With their out of this world makes and models, some are just too hot to handle. Even the Used car market in Japan is still in the line of producing the high performance driven cars, making the competition closer to the client and their needs and making sure they fit. And if interested by one of these used cars, the search and fit to client is so simple. Buy a car yourself without any intermediary dealer and save money. You can select from online Japan used car auctions and decide according to your budget price! Purchase your next used cars direct from Japan and benefit like most of the other Private customers.