How to Spend Less on Clothes and Still Look Fabulous

With the credit crunch biting it is time to get smart about shopping. So here are some tips to maximise your budget.1. Think wardrobe. When you next go shopping buy things that will go with at least 3 things you already own. Match the top to the jacket etc. This is easier if you have had colour analysis done.2. Think shoes. Buying a hot pair of shoes is a very easy effective way to revamp your existing wardrobe.3. Hire a Personal Stylist and find out what shapes and colours you should be wearing, in the long run if things go together this investment will quickly save you money.4. Try vintage and second hand, you can often pick up really good quality brands for a fraction of the cost.5. Accessories and jewelery. These complement your outfit, buy good jewelery and you will have it for years. Add a chunky great piece of costume jewelery and a cheaper black dress will look chic.6. Go to Designer Sales, Chelsea Town Hall has regular ones.7. In the weeks prior to the seasonal sales visit decide what you love and on the day of the sale go and buy exactly what you want. Try it on beforehand, that way in the stampede you will come out with what you love but cheaper.8. Mix and match. Designer with cheaper brands. This way a great jacket is an investment buy and will add chic to a relatively cheap blouse.9. Use a Personal Shopper since we only wear 20% of what we buy, this is an investment that will pay dividends you will only buy what you love and most importantly you will wear it.